The Shop of
Rene the Perfumer


English Version - 1865


French Version - 1868


Fac - Simile of a
Japanese Fashion Plate

Floral World



Roman Proverb: "Non cuique datum-est habere nasum"
Translated: "It is not common to every one to have a nose"
Meaning: Not everyone has a discerning nose


Chinese Maid
from Judy Magazine - Nov 22, 1882
Japanese Belle

Cleopatra on the Nile River

Vases et objets de toilette persans d'apres un dessin du commandant Duhousset
Vases and objects of Persian toiletries from a drawing of the commander Duhousset

Carl Linneaus

Floral Clock



Ad from Beeton's Every Ladies Christmas Annual - 1875


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